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Titanium Tip Exhaust
Titanium Tip Exhaust

TurboXS Turboback Exhaust 02-07 WRX / STi

Your Price: $590.00
Part Number:TurboXS WS02-

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Turboback Option
Stealthback Catless
Stealthback Catted [+$99.00]
Standard Muffler Catless [+$395.10]
Standard Muffler Catted [+$485.10]
Titanium Tip Catless [+$422.10]
Titanium Tip Catted [+$512.10]
Titanium Tip Turboback Exhaust
For WRX & STI owners looking for a complete free-flowing exhaust solution that runs from the turbo all the way to the bumper; this is it. The R and L in the name RFL-TI stand for "really" and "loud," you can use your imagination for the F. And make no mistake about it: this is an exceptionally loud exhaust. The Turbo XS RFL-Ti Titanium Tip Turboback exhaust starts with a bellmouth downpipe, tapering to 3" and bolting into a 3" high-flow catalyst or 3" race pipe, then into a 3" midpipe, and ending in a 3" inner diameter N1 style muffler with a titanium tip, making a complete post-turbo exhaust solution. The large piping diameter on the Turbo XS RFL-TI Turboback make it one of the best at adding power on the market.

Standard Muffler Turboback Exhaust
Designed for WRX & STI owners that want a high-flowing system with less noise and a subdued look, the Turbo XS standard muffler turboback offers performance and flow with less noise. The Turbo XS Standard Turboback features Turbo XS's 4" bellmouth downpipe which tapers to 3" into a 3" high-flow cat or 3" catless race pipe, then runs into a 3" midpipe and terminates in a 3" diameter oval muffler with a rolled tip. This is an excellent system for WRX & STI owners looking for a complete after-turbo exhaust solution, but don't want the noise of the RFL system and want to ditch the stock muffler as well.

Stealthback Exhausts
For WRX & STI owners looking to keep their stock muffler, or use a different axle-back, the Turbo XS Stealthback is the exhaust for you. This system includes Turbo XS's 4" bellmouth downpipe, which tapers to 3" into a 3" high-flow cat (or racepipe in the catless version), and then into a 3" midpipe. Turbo XS's cat to downpipe connection features an OEM style ball-and-socket design with a donut gasket, to allow exhaust movement while maintaining a tight seal.

In addition, the Turbo XS midpipe is full 3" diameter, but has a unique rear flange that will either allow you to install a stock-type 2.5" diameter muffler, or a full 3" rear muffler like the Turbo XS RFL-TI. The Turbo XS WRX & STi Stealthback exhaust is also available in a catless version, which includes a Turbo XS catless racepipe instead of a high-flow catalytic converter.

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