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The Rev Works Stingray Project Begins!

Posted by Marti @ Rev Works on 8/15/2014 to Projects
This was a car that we knew we had to get! We immediately fell in love with its styling and higher quality interior when compared to our C6. The itch to get the modifications going was instantaneous. The plan was to keep it simple and basic(is that not how it always starts?). 

Amar has developed a little bit of a "thing" for Corvettes so we thought it would be great to get some insight on his behalf of the new C7 when compared against the C6 Z51 and C6 Z06. These are his impressions:

Previous Corvettes: 06 Z51 (removable top)
Currently Own: 07 Z06
Recently Acquired/Reviewing; C7 Stingray Z51

I wasn't completely sold on the styling of the car compared to my Z06. The side profile screamed Corvette but the front and rear had something very different about it. It took some time to get used to. Seeing the car with an aero package (front splitter & side rockers) really closed the deal for me. Chevrolet went above and beyond with the details on this car (I guess they had to in order to name it the Stingray). If you look at the headlights there are little Corvette flags on each light. On the rear window tint there are no longer small dots, instead they have added the infamous Corvette flags.

This is where the C7 really shines and you can tell it was not a rushed job and well thought out. Every minute detail was sorted through. The fit and finish rivals similar European vehicles but with the simplicity & styling that Japanese cars are known for. The seats are very comfortable and after a 3 hour drive you do not have the urge to smash your head into the dashboard like some other sports cars I've had. There are no squeaks, clicking or weird goblin noises coming from anywhere in the car. Unlike my previous removable top Corvette that had tons of roof noise, GM has fixed that problem in this car. THERE IS NOT A PEEP! The steering wheel is the perfect size where your elbows are not hitting the doors or center console (these are issues I still have in my C6-Z06). The gauge cluster, full color heads up display & entertainment center screen are out of this world. All 3 are tied into each other very nicely. The operating system is user friendly.

 The only gripe about the interior is that the passenger side seat feels a bit tight. Its has considerably less leg room and does not have as much ability to recline when compared to the Z06. This will be an issue for someone over 6 feet tall.

The C7 is an absolute monster in its stock configuration. It has a very neutral balance to it and delivers the driver great confidence and control. Unlike the previous generation's leaf spring setup which was desolate in my opinion, this car does not even feel like it has a similar suspension. It's much smoother and has an independent suspension feeling. The steering and gear box are near perfect. At the heart of this monster is the new LT1 engine and it is a charm to make consistent, linear horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range.

Now, it was time to get started! We knew we wanted to let her breath, so we sat down and brainstormed  with Amar on what budget he had to work with and what we wanted the end goal to be.

We chose the Kooks header and mid pipe to open up the exhaust. Since it is so hot in Florida we decided to ceramic coat the headers to help reduce the under hood temperatures. We were extremely happy with how they turned out and how well they mated to their mid pipes. 

We started tearing down the car and the stock exhaust came apart without an issue, oh the joys of working on a new car! 

The new exhaust parts fit, without an issue. They are a snug fit to say the least but everything lined up great and  issues were pretty much non-existent.

Now it was time to move on to the intake! We didn't want to just slap on an intake and leave it at that. We wanted to take advantage of our in-house porting services and decided to take apart the intake manifold and throttle body, too. 

Once we had it all apart, it was time to start porting and opening it all up!

Once it was all opened up, we added an AFE Intake kit! The kit fit beautifully and really complimented the engine bay, nicely. 

Once we had the parts and modifications situated, it was time to hit the dyno! We cannot put into words how great it sounded. Everything worked so well together, it was like magic. Jeremy Formato from Fasterproms came and worked his magic on our newly acquired Mustang Dyno! 

Stay tuned for the second installment of our project! We're working on some more videos and a few more dyno charts to share with the community. 

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