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Rev Works UEL BRZ / FR-S Header - USA! USA! USA!

Posted by Marti @ Rev Works on 3/13/2013 to New Products
Rev Works is proud to announce the release of our UEL header. Our Header is hand built, in house by our expert fabricator right here in the USA. Not only does our header produce that iconic boxer rumble, it also produces gains of up to 12whp and 10-15 ftlbs of trq. 
All of this while flattening out the infamous torque dip and picking up about 12-15trq in this area. These results were after simply installation. No tuning had been done.

Our 4-1 header design was chosen to allow for superior flow. Our 1.75" diameter runners merge into a 2.5" outlet. This allows our header to mate up to most after market over pipes while still allowing it to bolt up to the factory exhaust. The header is also built with 1/2" flanges to really beef up the quality and insure no warping will occur from heat.

Each Rev Works built header comes with a 1 year Warranty!

Rev Works is offering 10 of our first headers at the low introductory price of $599. Click here to visit our product listing for this header and to place your order. 

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