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Rev Works Service Center

Posted by Marti @ Rev Works, Inc on 8/8/2014

We are excited to announce a large scale service expansion of the Rev Works Automotive Service Center! Our shop has evolved over the past two and half years. In that time, we've seen everything from exotics to Civics. We've helped customers with everything from oil changes to complete performance builds. 

We want to help you with everything on 4 wheels. We've developed our facility to be able to properly service everything from a high-dollar performance built vehicle, to your everyday family sedan. There is no job too big or small. Call today for inquiries!

Ladies and gentlemen, brakes keep you in control of your vehicle's speed. They are very important and everyone ignores them. As a company that has decades of hands on experience, we can help you properly maintain or upgrade your brakes. We have options that could be as low as $30 for replacement pads, to thousand-dollar big brake upgrade kits.  A simple pad replacement job can help avoid thousands of dollars in repairs, down the road if your brake pads were to fail. Call today to find out what options would be appropriate for your vehicle. 

Keep your car running strong with quality fluids and lubricants from top brands like AMSOIL! We use AMSOIL in just about everything we build and service. Quality oil means a greater lifespan from your engine. You can get a better ride and even improve your gas mileage when you use the right oil. Stop by and see the dozens of fluids that we have available for your car. 

Let us keep the inside of your car running nice and cool. We live in Florida. It's hot. Real hot. You need your AC running and it's not just about running cold. Your AC system needs proper pressure, lubrication and maintenance. Proper maintenance helps prevent ridiculous expenses and failures. It's a service that Rev Works can preform in a matter of hours depending on the service. 

Basic maintenance is important,and avoiding it can cost more money down the road. You lose performance, functionality, and long-term longevity. Gas mileage is greatly reduced and the likelihood of costly repairs and potential for catastrophic engine, brake, or transmission failure becomes more and more probable.  Maintenance is simple and the majority of the time, inexpensive. Keeping your families vehicles maintained means peace of mind and long term value. 

It is our mission to provide complete automotive services for everything you, your friends, and family drive. We are a one-stop shop to service all of your needs on four wheels. 

Have questions? We encourage you to ask them and contact us via email, website, Facebook or an old fashion phone call. 

-Scott Branham
Rev Works, Inc 
3441 SR 419 Winter Springs, FL 32708



wigberto figueroa
Date: 5/3/2015
how much would cost a timing belt job for a 2003 wrx? and what does include in the service? the car has 213,xxx miles and was previously serviced but im not sure when was the last time. thanks

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