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Rev Works Is Proud to Announce Our Brand New Mustang Dyno!!

Posted by Jeff Machado on 5/9/2014 to Rev Works News
All of us at Rev Works are extremely excited to officially announce that we have teamed up with Mustang and purchased a brand new dyno for the shop, no overused or high mileage equipment here. This move has been long in the works and not something that we decided to do overnight. Due to our growing Subaru and Evo customer base we knew that a system able to handle an AWD drivetrain was a must. We chose Mustang due to their ability to replicate road-like conditions and ability to control the road load. These are true numbers being read not over-inflated or "adjusted" readings.

The front half of the dyno being positioned in a spot where we thought it would be suitable. We had to remove one of the lifts and move it a few feet over in order to fit the dyno in a way where we could easily drive cars in and onto the rollers while being able to route exhaust fumes out of the shop area.

Scott worked the fork lift like a pro. We had several, large pallets that needed to be placed in specific locations. Here, you see the pallet packed with the computer and processing systems. Mustang's packaging job was very secure. 

And we have the dyno all setup with the assistance of one of Mustang's rep, Don. Without this man the install would have not been as smooth as it was. He also was able to explain the process of how the dyno is properly operated and give us a refresher course on some of the features that we can use within their program. 

We are now tuning EcuTek, AEM, UpRev, Haltech, and COBBTuning. Our good friends and tuners Mike from M-Tuned and James from HRI Tuning will be handling all of our tunes, so if you want a tune from one of the best contact us today to schedule the greatest tune your car has seen yet.

A huge thanks go out to Mustang, Don from Mustang for all the help and support, our staff for being  awesome and staying late to help out, James from HRI Tuning, Mike from M-Tuned, and all of our customers for supporting us through all of our recent changes.

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