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Power-Division S-Series Cams 2006 EVO 9

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GSC's Power-Division high-performance camshafts for the 4G63T powered Mitsubishi Evolutions are engineered to offer the absolute best performance. Power-Division has stepped up their game with the S-Series cams for the Evo 8 and 9. With the wide array of profiles Power-Division has a cam combination to fit your needs. From a stock Evolution 8 to a fully built MIVEC monster, GSC's Power-Division S-Series cams can add power where you need it. GSC's Power-Division also has two differnt valvetrain upgrade options for when you are installing an S2 cam. You can choose from a single spring kit alone or the Stage 2 single spring, retainer and valve seat upgrade.

Power-Division S-Series Stage 1 Cams for 2006 Evolution 9
Stage 1 cams are designed for stock up to smaller upgraded bolt-on turbos (GT30/50 Trim). 25-40 WHP gains are possible. S1 cams will not sacrifice any bottom end power over stock cams. Slightly rougher idle. Works with stock valve springs.

Stage 1 Cam Specs:
Intake Duration: 268 deg.
Exhaust Duration: 266 deg.
Intake Lift: 10.98mm
Exhaust Lift: 10.30mm
RPM Range: 3000-8000

Power-Division S-Series Stage 2 Cams for the 2006 Evolution 9
Stage 2 cams are designed for GT35 to GT40 sized turbos and won't give up bottom-end power when used with an upgraded turbo. 40-50 whp gains. Excellent in high-revving 2.0L or stroked 2.2L motors. Upgraded springs and retainers required. Tuning is also required.

Stage 2 Cam Specs:
Intake Duration: 274 deg.
Exhaust Duration: 274 deg.
Intake Lift: 11.2mm
Exhaust Lift: 11mm
RPM Range: 4000-9000 (2.0L)/3000-8000 (2.2L)

Power-Division S-Series Stage 3 Cams for the 2006 Evolution 9
Stage 2 cams are available in a solid lifter cam and a hydraulic lifter cam for the Evo 9 4G63 MIVEC. These cams are meant for the 1000whp+ to take advantage of a very large turbo. These are NOT suggested for anyone running smaller than the GT42R and should not even be considered! Upgraded springs, retainers and tuning required.

Stage 3 Cam Specs:
Duration (solid lifter): 290 deg. Int/290 deg. Exh
Lift (solid lifter): 11.5mm Int/11.5mm Exh
RPM Range (solid lifter): 4000-9000 (2.0L) 3000-8000 (2.2L)
Duration (hydrolic lifter): 280 deg. Int/280 deg. Exh
Lift (hydrolic lifter): 11.5mm Int/11.25mm Exh
RPM Range (hydrolic lifter): 4000-9000 (2.0L) 3000-8000 (2.2L)

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