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New Catch Can Solution for the BRZ and FR-S

Posted by Marti @ Rev Works on 2/13/2014 to New Products
Our catch can came about after we finished our first Rev Works Turbo Kit powered FR-S. We wanted to be able to properly vent any crankcase pressure and still meet our customers' needs and demands. There were various other catch cans and Air Oil Separators (AOS) on the market but our customers wanted something similar to the kit we had previously custom made for some of our other turbo kits. 

We started working on various designs that would allow for ideal fitment, flow and evacuation while still providing a look that our customers would love. Immediately Scotty and Julian got to brainstorming. We wanted to keep it simple so we built a basic and light weight box made of aluminum sheeting.

Once the Box was done we got started on the evac system. We wanted to be sure to create a system that would provide a superior evacuation route for everything from a street car to a purposely built track car. The other kits we tried did not meet our criteria. They would only draw from one source and most would recirculate contaminated air back into the engine. Take a look below at the two sources and how we use a uniform sized line system (comes pre-assembled and cut) to achieve our goals. 

PCV Bypass - Our supplied fitting will allow for a very simple bypass of the factory PCV valve and is routed back into the catch can which can be installed with basic hand tools. 

With the system properly vented, the drain fitting was then installed. In order to secure the catch can a CNC machined bracket was welded to the side of the can which is bolted to the  strut tower for a solid fit. 
Below, you can see the complete catch can solution. Our kit comes with all of the lines and fittings assembled for a straight forward installation

Rev Works Catch Can Kit Includes: 
- Rev Works Aluminum Catch Can (Made in HOUSE) 
- Quality Braided -10 Line - LINES COME PRE-CUT AND ASSEMBLED
- Adapter Fitting to block breather port to -10 (Eliminates PCV)
- Genuine K&N Breather Filter 
- Available in Wrinkle Black, Wrinkle Red, White, Gold or Polished (custom colors are available)

Follow this link to view the kit in our online store. Please feel free to call, email or message us with any questions.we'll be more than happy to help. 

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