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JE Pistons Asymmetrical Pistons 08+ EVO X

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86mm Bore (STD), 9.0:1 CR
86.5mm Bore (+.5mm), 9.0:1 CR
JE Pistons has a 50 year history of manufacturing the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high performance enthusiasts alike trust and rely on. Utilizing state of the art CNC machines for manufacturing along with purpose-designed forgings, JE Pistons is able to maintain exacting specifications on each and every piston and hold tolerances to millionths of an inch.
JE Pistons new asymmetrical forging design maintains a larger skirt area on the heavily stressed major thrust side, while reducing friction with a smaller skirt area on the minor thrust side. The result is a high strength, lightweight piston that significantly reduces friction in your engine! JE's asymmetrical pistons are the only pistons designed to specifically handle the dissimilar mechanical loads experienced by both piston skirts. The resulting piston design, features a large skirt area on the heavily loaded "major thrust side" and a small skirt area on the less loaded "minor thrust side". Overall, the piston design is stronger, yet lighter than previous designs. All JE asymmetrical pistons utilize an offset wrist pin toward the major thrust side. By moving the pin toward the larger skirt, the balance of the piston on the wrist pin axis is nearly perfect. The offset, balanced piston reduces noise, increases piston stability, and helps ring seal. All JE asymmetrical pistons are designed to use a 2.250" long wrist pin while most other designs require a 2.500" long pin. A small reduction can make a large difference in overall weight. In most cases, the shorter wrist pin reduces weight by around 10 grams per cylinder! Based on feedback from numerous engine builders, JE has added the "Smooth Finish Crown" to all off-the-shelf asymmetrical pistons. This unique process blends all edges on the piston crown and valve reliefs, reducing the likelihood of hot spots and pre-ignition. With all the superior features of JE asymmetrical, you can be sure of the quality and endurance of your pistons!

Features & Specs:
-2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum
-State of the art asymmetrical skirt technology reduces friction and mass while providing a more rigid and durable platform
-Offset pins for quiet operation.
-Pin fitting, rings and wire locks included
-Smooth Finished crowns requires no deburring or preparation

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