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Hawk DTC Series Racing Brake Pads 09+ GTR

Your Price: $258.96
Part Number:Hawk HB

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Front Brake Pads
DTC-70 Front Pads [+$103.15]
DTC-60 Front Pads [+$61.09]
DTC-30 Front Pads [+$26.03]
Rear Brake Pads
DTC-70 Rear Pads [+$60.32]
DTC-60 Rear Pads [+$28.17]
DTC-30 Rear Pads
The Hawk DTC-70 is the most serious member of the "Dynamic Torque Control" race pad family, with an average level of friction among the highest available and an incredibly linear pressure to torque relationship. The result gives the driver an unparalleled ability to modulate brake torque at the limit of tire adhesion, while keeping pedal effort low.

The DTC-60 series has a slightly lower friction coefficient and bite compared to DTC-70 but will last longer.

 NOTE: These pads are for RACING ONLY. These pads are unsafe for the street and thus should not be used on public roads.

The DTC-30 brake pads are designed specifically for dirt circle Track applications. Uniquely controllable torque with smooth consistent feel and bite. Superior Release and torque control characteristics.

Operating Temperatures:
DTC-70: 500F - 1600F
DTC-60: 400F - 1600F

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