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HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Controller

Your Price: $440.00
Part Number:HKS 45003-AK009

The HKS EVC-S offers performance enthusiasts an affordable solution to accurately control boost with a feature packed electronic turbo boost control. The EVC-S features a solenoid valve specifically designed to accurately control boost pressure up to 36 PSI (250kPa) on both internal and external wastegates. The EVC-S has two boost level settings as well as settings for offset and boost response. The overboost warning with drop boost feature, peak hold boost readings, after-image display, data lock and an internal diagnostics function are what makes the EVC-S a bargain for any enthusiast with a turbocharged car. HKS designed the EVC-S to visually complement the current HKS Type 0 and Type 1 Turbo Timers.

  • High Boost Capability: up to 250kPa or 36psi
  • Offset Function: automatically adjusts if target boost is not achieved.
  • Drop Boost Function: allows peak boost default to a pre-set level if overboost occurs.
  • Analog and Digital monitoring: unit can be set to display boost digitally or with an analog style meter
  • After Image Function: will display live peak boost for 3-seconds after throttle is lifted.
  • Data Lock: 3-digit code locks out settings from being adjusted by other drivers.
  • Peak Hold: will store and display maximum achieved boost
  • Rear Wire Harness: unit can be flush mount with no exposed wires for a perfectly clean appearance.

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