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Engine Building & Overhaul

Our motor program has quickly become a very big part of our business. We decided to start building motors for the public in early June of 2012. With a long history of building successful race motors for various platforms, we felt that we could offer a quality and affordable option to the masses. 

When we are rebuilding a motor, it's machined to a very specific spec to match up to the pistons that we're using. Each block is bored, honed and decked to make sure that all spec requirements are met and proper sealing can be made. 

All of the chosen parts are laid out and carefully inspected by hand. We put a lot of time into triple checking everything to make sure that our customer is getting the best parts for their build.

We carefully set the ring gap to meet you driving style, goals and boost level. We take the time to triple check all gaps. 

We use ARP and Wiseco sleeve tools to make sure that each piston and ring combo goes into place with out having to be forced in. That way we don't risk any ring damage or chipping. 

Once the block is assembled, all torque specs are checked, we install new dowels and make sure that all surfaces are lubricated so that it's preserved in shipping. 

We know that there is no "one size fits all" guide to motors. We take the time to learn about your needs, driving style, power goals and even budget. With the information that we gather, we work to offer you the best block to meet your needs and not to exceed your budget. Give us the opportunity to provide you with a quote on a quality motor build. 

Please feel free to message or call me directly so that we can discuss your goals. 

Scott Branham