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Dyno Tuning - M-Tuned


We're excited to offer our in house tuning for most performance tuning platforms. It is our goal to tune your car to run as smooth as it did from the showroom floor, while maximizing performance. 

We chose this new, All Wheel Drive, Mustand Dyno because we want to provide the best and most thorough tunes. Our dyno allows for custom tuning to meet any performance demand. We can replicate various load levels to recreate realistic driving conditions. This means that your tune will not be limited to a Wide Open Throttle situation. 

The AWD configuration allows us to run everything from Miatas to GT-R's. Our dyno is also equipped with the AWD Euro option for  Porsche and similar performance platforms. It was our intention to get a dyno that would allow us to offer something for everyone that comes to the Rev Works team for their testing and tuning. 

It is our goal to offer you a complete, turn key performance solution. We can begin your build or upgrade path with baseline numbers so that we know exactly where we are starting and can identify any and all weaknesses. As we complete the build or service, real numbers will show gains and improvements. As mentioned above, it's our goal to not only make great power, but also build a car that will drive as smooth and consistent as it did in new, factory form. 

We understand that you will have several questions and encourage you to contact us. It is our intention to work with you to achieve your goals. We want to help you do it once, do it right. The Rev Works team stands by it's name. We hope to work with you soon.