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Centric Slotted High Carbon Rotors at Rev Works!

Posted by Marti @ Rev Works on 4/26/2013 to New Products
In my 10 years in this business, I can safely say that BRAKES are the most over looked aspect of most builds. Far too many people do not account for their ability to stop with all of the horsepower that we help them attain. Well, I want to help make sure that you don't suffer from this problem. We've got an exciting product available to you at some really great prices and I wanted to take a quick minute to show you a little more about it.

Centric 125 Series High Carbon Brake Rotors contain an advanced metallurgy that greatly reduces the possibility of pad squeal especially with higher friction, European style brake pad compounds. Proprietary Molybdenum and Chromium alloys resist rotor cracking during high performance use or repeat stop situations. This alloy also increases the friction couple improving brake performance and stopping power. Increased Chromium and Carbon content is also more resistant to oxidation.

� Symmetric split core castings for Increased strength and stability
� Black E-Coat anti-corrosive coating protects the cooling vanes and mounting surfaces from rusting prematurely
� Double disc ground friction surface finish
� Mill balancing ensures smooth operation at all speeds

Centric parts High Carbon Brake Rotors feature a double disc ground finish which virtually eliminates run out and any disc thickness variation issues. Double disc grinding also produces a non-directional finish for improved rotor and pad break-in. The surface Roughness production standard for Centric High Carbon Brake Rotors: RMS=64.3 or Ra=1.6 micro-meters (63 micro-inches).
Centric Parts High Carbon Brake Rotors feature our exclusive black E-Coating on all non-friction surfaces. E-Coating is an advanced electro-statically applied finish that has been engineered to withstand 400 hours of salt spray testing without corroding.
Centric Parts High Carbon Brake Rotors utilize the same split core symmetric molding process used by OE manufacturers. Rotors with symmetric core molding dissipate heat more efficiently and provide better stopping power especially in repeat stop situations.
Centric High Carbon Brake Rotors are mill balanced to a tolerance of less than 2oz. per inch. This additional machining operation reduces feedback associated with rotor vibration and provides a smooth confident application of braking force.

We're offering some aggressive introductory pricing for most platforms on these slotted rotors. Check out the link below for specific pricing and fitment options. As always, I encourage you tel ask any questions that you may have. If you know someone that is need of brakes, feel free to forward this to them so that we can help them out. 

Thank you for your continued support. I invite you to also check out our Facebook Page for more updates, product releases, specials and project updates. 

Marti Ruiz
Rev Works, Inc

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