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Aeromotive BLACK A1000 -6 Fuel Pressure Regulator

Your Price: $179.26
Part Number:AERO 13109B
The same standards and processes that go into developing Aeromotive pumps are used for all of our products, including our regulators. Precision engineering and integrated proprietary high quality materials provide superior durability and the kind of control an inferior design can’t match. Each regulator incorporates a convoluted diaphragm utilizing proprietary elastomer materials. Our material and poppet design is unique to each individual regulator. 

These designs maximize piston stoke and optimize flow without stressing the diaphragm. Area of the poppet, pressure range and flow requirements are critical when deciding on the proper spring rate and orifice size to satisfy the specification we design to for all of our regulators. This translates to precise fuel pressure control for your specific application.

  • Base pressure adjustable from 40-75 PSI.
  • Gasoline and alcohol compatible.
  • Fuel pressure rises on a 1:1 ratio with boost.
  • 1/8” NPT gauge port.
  • P/N 13109 provides (2) ORB-06 inlet ports and (1) ORB-06 return port.

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