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ACL Rod Bearing Sets 03-06 EVO 8/9

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Part Number:ACL 4B1185

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Aluglide Rod Bearing Set (Standard)
Race Series Rod Bearing Set (Standard) [+$38.75]
Race Series Rod Bearing Set W/ Extra Oil Clearance (Standard) [+$38.75]
Race Series Rod Bearing Set (+.025mm Over) [+$38.75]
Race Series Rod Bearing Set (+.25mm Over) [+$38.75]
Aluglide Rod Bearing Set (+.25mm Over) [+$1.37]
ACL’s new Aluglide bearings provide a combination of moderate to high strength, good seizure resistance and excellent wear resistance. These bearings are ideally suited to vehicles where reliability and long service intervals are desirable. Aluglide bearings are highly preferred in modern import engines that have been designed for aluminum based bearings as OE standard fitment.

ACL Race series performance bearings are for extreme endurance under harsh conditions. Plan on running high RPMs and big boost? Fatigue, stress wear, and failure are factors you won't have to worry about when you are running ACL's top of the line metallurgy.

When doing rods and pistons, it's a good idea to replace the rod bearings as well. Proper support via main bearings is crucial to prevent oscillations and wear that can damage the crankshaft and other components if the motor should move out of balance. ACL's high quality rod bearings will prevent fatigue, failure, and reduce drivetrain stress through their durable and strong design.

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