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A Look Back At FL2K13

Posted by Kane Potter on 10/21/2013 to Events

A Look Inside FL2K



Lets paint a visual picture for you.  Bright blue sky's, 80ish degree temperatures, Screaming engines, dream cars everywhere.  Rotary's, 2JZ's, Big Blocks, Hand Built Nismo motors, tuners, muscle, imports, exotics.  All this at one place.  Bradenton Motor Speedway.


I can describe this day with one word. EPIC.  From the moment we pulled into the parking lot, to the moment we left.  There was non stop dream cars and action.  We roamed the parking lot admiring all of the nice cars, thinking to ourselves...If these are out here, WHAT IS IN THERE?!  We soon found out once we reached the ticket booth. A MK4 Supra and an R35 GTR rolled by from the dyno area to the track. I had to pinch myself once we got through the day, because i was positive that i had died and gone to heaven.


We immediately went to the RevWorks booth that was manned by the AWESOME RevWorks team, and they had two Amazing Subaru's at the tent both with very cool and unique touches on them.  I put my stuff down and instantly got to work.  I grabbed the camera, put the wide angle lens on, but then i was lost.  I had to argue with myself as to where to start.  Did I want to start with the Car show put on by CourtesyFlush car crew, or did I want to start covering the pits and the Racing action held by Induction Motorsports?  Then again, there were so many Vendor booths.


After a few Moments i decided i would tip toe in by hitting the car show, rather than jumping to the deep end by starting with the racing.  We walked down one isle of the cars taking as many pictures as i could.  So many unique touches, so much creativity, so much heart.  There was no doubt that these cars were owned by true enthusiasts.  People who knew what they wanted, and knew how to impress.  Along the long isle of car show attendees i got to stop and talk to a few people about their cars and i never once thought to myself.  Just another story.  These cars were so unique and each one had a story.  From the Civic that started as a wreck, to the GTR that was wrapped in Matte Blue.  I was highly impressed.


None the less i found myself deciding to come back to the other half of the car show and seeing what some of these race cars were truly about.  I stopped and gazed as a 2JZ 240sx rolled by waiting to hit the track.  The line for racing seemed to be moving smoothly, for the racing day started as sort of a Test N tune session.  So i finally got to the pits as an older gentleman pulled back to his trailer in his bright red and white 60's corvette streetcar.  I think streetcar is taken very lightly in his case because he was running mid 9's and claiming he was letting off early.  I could admire that car all day, but i had to keep going.  We talked with a two man team running a beautiful NOVA who described their qualms with Index racing.  However nonetheless, they were having fun and doing what they loved.  RACING.



As the day went on i covered the rest of the car show and changed lenses to hit the competitive racing action that was just beginning.  Unknown to me we could get a wrist band to photograph by the racing tree.  Due to this i chose a photographers gate half way down the track that allowed me to get some good full speed motion shots.  I can just picture it now.  Staging, anticipation, burnout box, hitting the staging lights, red, yellow, green, GO!  Both cars launch off the line with a body twisting amount of torque.  Flying down the track to to a mid 9 second pass.  Perfection.  The racing continued and my excitement never once let up.  Every match up, every launch, every pass, was so exhilarating that i didn't want to leave.  Around sundown we decided to call it quits for we had a two hour drive home.  Its now been almost a week and as i write this i still feel all giddy inside.  We can tell you that RevWorks will definitely be in attendance next year again, and we look forward to seeing the event grow in every aspect.  

See you Next year FL2K!

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